A unique hotwire machine that has an adjustable width

Dynamically Sized Platform

Foam blocks are laid across the top of two narrow tables; one stationary and one mobile. The inbuilt castor wheels on the mobile table enable easy expansion, so the machine can adjust to variable widths. Cut blocks up to 5 meters wide.

Integrated Blower System

This feature circulates the air alongside the cutting hotwire, in effect cooling the area around the wire. This prevents overheating which could otherwise break the wire or damage the block edge.

Dual Drives

A ball screw vertical drive eliminates counterweights and can achieve an accuracy of 0.025mm. A rack and pinion horizontal drive provides accurate and repeatable positioning with minimal maintenance.

Compatible with a Selection of Wires

Two different wire sizes have been tested for compatibility and performance with this model. A description and purpose of each wire type can be found on our extras page.

Wheeled Table Insert

This wheeled height-adjustable trolley allows for simple loading and unloading of the machine. It can also double as a cutting table for smaller jobs.

Fixed Table & Bracing

A fixed table top and a structural cross brace are available for more permanently set width machines. This bridges the gap between the two tables, so multiple smaller blocks can be arranged and all cut at once.

AutoNEST Software

The existing nesting function in Wintech's Profiler software allows efficient nesting of a single shape. The AutoNEST software option can be used in conjunction with the Profiler software for more efficient nesting where variable quantities of different shapes are required in a single cutting job.

Digitiser Tablet

The digitiser tablet can be used for tracing around existing shape templates or actual shapes, creating drawings to be used in the Wintech Profiler software. The drawings can then be conveniently stored on the computer, ready for regular production jobs. This option is ideal for first-time CNC companies, who is looking to automate their manual production flow.


Longwire CNC Cutter

Width × Length × Height

2850 × 5860 × 3120 mm
112.2 × 230.7 × 122.8 in

6140 × 5860 × 3120 mm
241.7 × 230.7 × 122.8 in

Control Cabinet
Width × Length × Height
1600 × 450 × 1150 mm
63 × 17.7 × 45.3 in
Foam Type(s)Designed to cut polystyrene
Cutting Volume
Width × Length × Height

1300 × 5020 × 1300 mm
51.2 × 197.6 × 51.2 in

5050 × 5020 × 1300 mm
198.8 × 197.6 × 51.2 in

OptionalFixed/Floating Pan
Side Trimmer
IncludedControl Cabinet
Profiler Software
Remote Operator Handset
OptionalAutoNEST Software
Fence Barriers
Light Curtains
Table Inserts
Floor PlanRecommended 2000 mm clearance area for service and loading/unloading.
Safety Barriers

Suggested clearance for a fence is 1000 mm (40 inches), or 2500 mm (100 inches) for light curtains.

We encourage customers to investigate the safety regulations established by their country, district or workplace.

Voltage3 phase and earth
Wire Voltage30 ~ 140 VAC
Microprocessor controlled
AC PowerStandard builds are 380–420v +/- 10%
Customer specified on order
Frequency50 or 60 HZ +/- 1%
Temperature0–35˚ Celsius
32–90˚ Fahrenheit
HumidityMaximum of 80% non-condensing


How much does a machine cost?

Longwire machines range in price between $150,000 and $175,000 AUD ex-works depending on options configured.

How does shipping work?

Small machines can simply be wheeled into a shipping container and secured. Larger machines must be dismantled to fit into a container. On arrival at the factory a Wintech technician will come to assemble and commission the machine, and train the operator.

What is the warranty period?

Wintech provides a 12 month warranty on all machines.

How do we get warranty or after-sales support internationally?

Wintech has authorised agents around the world who have their own service technicians.

Where do we buy replacement cutting wires?

Wintech manufactures and supplies a range of wires suitable for a variety of applications.

Do these machines need a special environment?

The machines themselves can operate in a wide range of temperatures. The control cabinet housing the computer and electronics is air-conditioned and pressurised to provide dust isolation. In extremely hot, cold or dusty factories we recommend placing the control cabinet in a separate temperature controlled operator booth.

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