CNC Foam Cutting Machine Production Continues

Despite COVID, Wintech is still busy building their Fastwire and Compuset CNC Foam Cutting Machines.
These machines are known for their robust structure and thus long term reliability

Wintech has a vertically integrated facility capable of designing, fabricating and assembling the machines. We produce our own Software and Control Systems. Machines are fully tested in the factory before being shipped to one of 50 countries.

Our CNC Foam Cutting Machines

foam cutter compuset

Compuset cnc Foam Cutting Machines

This combination foam cutting machine is ideal for a company cutting mainly EPS foam via it’s Hotwire cutter also but have occasional quantities of rigid foams to cut. Click here to learn more about the Compuset foam cutting machines available at Wintech.

Fastwire CNC Foam Cutting Machines ​

Our Fastwire foam cutting machines use an abrasive wire machine that is effectively a wire saw. They feature a high-speed electric motor driving an abrasive wire that can cut through a variety of material types. Most popular is our Horizontal Fastwire CNC foam cutting machine although both the Vertical Fastwire CNC foam cutting and Dual Axis CNC foam cutting machines are also available.