Wintech Engineering – Curtin University Motorsport University Partnership

Wintech Engineering Offers Support to the Curtin Motorsport Team

Wintech Engineering takes pride in supporting the local student bodies at our Universities. The students of the Curtin Motorsport Team have the aerofoil sections of their race cars cut by our sister company Foam Shapers using Wintech CNC Contouring Machines.  We also offer the same support to the University of WA and  Edith Cowan  University Motorsport teams.

In addition to this, Wintech Engineering offers work experience (or even a graduate position) to Mechatronics students whose talent and enthusiasm has caught our eye.

Details of the Featured CNC Machine

As shown in the featured video our CNC Contouring machines are able to cut intricate designs and curves. The CNC Software Profiler offers inbuilt nesting features to reduce material wastages as well as inbuilt job cost, cutting time and yield calculators. The CNC Contouring Machine used to make the components in the above video is a Fastwire Wintech CNC cutter. It is designed to cut a variety of materials such as…
  • • Polyurethane (PUR & PIR)
  • • Polystyrene (EPS & XPS)
  • • Polyethylene (PE & XLPE)
  • • Mineral-wood and fibrous insulations
  • • Foam-glass
  • • Phenolic
  • • Epoxy foam, EVA, EPDM, NBR, etc.
curtin motorsport team wintech partnership
You find more information about our Fastwire models here . You can find out more about the Curtin University Motorsport team at their website.