Rigid & Semi-Rigid Foams


Fastwires are an abrasive wire machine that is effectively a wire saw. They feature a high-speed electric motor driving an abrasive wire that can cut through a variety of material types. Most popular is the Horizontal configuration, although Vertical and Dual Axis machines are also available.


Our CNC Contour Cutters Are Used In a Variety of Fields

Wintech’s Fastwire contour cutting machines have become the standard machine for international Insulation Contractors fabricating pipe and tank insulation for Oil & Gas plants around the World. They are chosen for their reliability and user-friendly operating software. Perfect for cutting: PUR, PIR, Phenolic, Rockwool, Foamglas, etc.

Wintech machines are gaining a presence in the packaging industry. The Wintech Vertical Fastwire can cut stacks of sheets and thus competes against water-jet, routing and pressing.

Some machines have been designed for special applications. The Vertical Fastwire-Low Profile model has been designed for the Composites industry where it is used for cutting kits for the Wind Turbine Blade Industry and for Boat building.



Abrasive wires can cut a wide range of materials: any type of foam and even materials that are not foam. There is a range of wire styles to ensure the best quality cut with even the densest of foam.


Simple Operation & Maintenance

The operating system employed by the Fastwire contour cutting machine is incredibly simple because it was designed by an operator for operators. Wintech Engineers are hands-on and we design both the profiling machines and their operating system.

Designed to be a robust unit the Wintech Fastwire profilers require a minimum amount of maintenance. The occasional bearing or timing belt requires replacement but little else mechanically. The wires and wheels are easily replaced.

Clean Cuts

A wide range of foam can be cut cleanly and consistently, without any defects. This is due to the powerful motor of the abrasive wire CNC profiler and the Wintech developed Profiler CNC software


CNC Contour Cutter Automation Packages

Automation packages are available for the Wintech Fastwire CNC Contour Cutters. Options such as automatic Block Detection, Conveyor-top Tables, Infeed and Exit Tables are available and can be integrated into the control software.


An Abrasive Wire For Every Job

Each wire type created for our Fastwire profiling machines is designed to cut a different form of material. A Wintech standard wire wrap has a single outer wrap that allows it to cut most foam types.

The Wintech S-Wrap has a lazy helix under the outer wrap hence it is suitable for cutting high-density foam and flexible foam.

The Wintech X wrap is more aggressive and is best suited for high-density rigid foams and for high cutting rates.


Our Fastwire CNC contour cutting machines are an important tool for a variety of industries.

Thermal and acoustic insulation:

  • -Fabrication of pipe shells and vessel cladding for the Oil & Gas industries.
  • -SIPS and other insulated panels for construction
  • -Refrigerated truck bodies for transport

Composites industries:

  • -Creating kits for Wind Turbine Blades and Boat building.


  • -Cutting close tolerance packing pieces for protecting shipments.


oscillating blade cnc contour cutter features automation

Fully Automated Cutting

Every Wintech machine is a fully automated CNC cutter. This means that they are computer-driven to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of every contour cut. It also means Wintech machines do not have the operational dangers, manual errors or slow turn overs of manual cutters. The operator simply opens the cutting drawings on the computer and tells the machine to start cutting.

One person can easily load and operate the machine. Wintech machines can also run a subsequent number of jobs automatically. Many owners leave their machine running after working hours because it will shut itself off when the queue is complete.

oscillating blade cnc contour cutter console cabinet

Flexible Floorplans and Operation

Wintech machines are operated via the control cabinet. This is a small freestanding unit that houses the computer to design and store all the drawings. It also provides an intuitive interface to control every aspect of the machine. The operator runs the machine through its software, using the touch screen, keyboard or mouse. This allows the operator to keep a safe distance from the machine and be positioned in a convenient location in the factory.

The control cabinet also comes with a sealed, fully functional 18-key handset to allow for remote control. There are no cables to the remote. This gives the operator even more physical freedom. Quick positioning or manual cutting are possible with this remote handset.

Wintech Engineering Console Touch Screen

Powerful User-Friendly Software

Wintech machines use the Windows operating system. Our proprietary Profiler software is designed in-house to get the most out of your machine. A rich graphical environment makes the machine simple to use but packed with powerful features.

Our machines are pre-loaded with a wide selection of standard cuts (geometric shapes, letters, numerals, etc), with customisable presets. We have powerful importing capabilities from other digital drawing software and a sophisticated native drawing interface. For first-time CNC users, we have an optional digitiser device to trace paper drawings or cardboard templates.


Our high-quality foam cutting machines are carefully crafted by our team of engineers, welders, machinists, fitters, and electricians. Established in 1985 Wintech Engineering has been designing and manufacturing CNC contour foam cutting machines since the very start. Learn more about our story here.

Quality Built

Manufactured, assembled and tested in our workshops


Our machines are still running after 35 years


Tested for CE and C-Tick compliance

Small Footprint

Ideal for companies with limited factory space


Built-in features assure a safe workplace