Increase Productivity, Decrease Risk – Upgrade to a New Control Cabinet.

It is time to upgrade your control cabinet

We would like to help reduce your risk of costly downtime while increasing your productivity and extending the life of your machine.

You have received this email because your Wintech machine is more than 17 years old and the control cabinet contains many obsolete hardware and software components.

As technology changes, components become obsolete, are no longer supported or become unavailable. The Wintech team has worked hard to stock parts to provide support and find backward-compatible solutions for these old systems as long as possible.


If your control cabinet looks like one of the earlier generations, Types A, B or C, we are no longer able to source the critical components that control your machine. The operating systems these cabinets were designed for are not compatible with the new Controllers or Motor Drives and likewise, the new operating system is not backward compatible with the old hardware. Should there be a failure of either critical system on your machine the result could be anything from a lack of accuracy through to complete machine failure.

Email us your machine Serial # and we will prepare a Replacement Cabinet proposal for you.


The Type D control cabinet which was supplied with machines in the approximate Serial No. range 290 to 360 is also nearing a moderate level of risk. Depending on the machine model and position in the Serial No range your existing cabinet may be compatible with the current STM32 Controller.

⇒ Email us your machine Serial # to enquire if your Type-D cabinet is going to need replacing.

The good news is that we can extend the life of your machine and build you a NEW cabinet with improvements to provide increased safety, productivity and a wide range of new features and benefits.

To ensure that your business does not suffer from costly downtime and loss of production we encourage you to schedule a cabinet upgrade.

Wintech Technical Notes.

For more technical information from our engineering department about Controller and Software compatibility please feel free to download and share our Tech Notes with your maintenance teams.

TechNote 166 Obsolescence Management REV J

Technote 212 Cabinet & Controller Version REV A


Risk of equipment failure leading to a total loss of production.

Reduced performance, accuracy and overall quality.

Reduced speed and production.

Time-consuming shutdown periods for repairs.

Lack of reliability and damage to brand credibility.

Aging technology with limited features and increased security risk.


The anticipated lead of an unplanned cabinet upgrade is 12 weeks from the placement of an order.


New industrial computer designed for industrial applications and impermeable to dust & water spray, resistant to surges and spikes.

Windows 10 with user-friendly touch-screen computer.

The latest version of Profiler Software, with many new features and tools and fully compatible with old drawings.

Increased technical support and remote diagnosis ability.

New heavy-duty wireless remote control handset.

New improved air-conditioned cabinet increasing expected life of internal components.

New Controllers and Motor Drives provide improved performance.

Potentially add another 20 years to your machine’s life.

New and faster Controller with real-time machine diagnostics and machine events log.

New independent Safety Relay, for equipment and personnel protection.

Designed to fully comply with CE standards, including EMC protection.

Help Us, Help You!

The cabinet upgrade includes new features and superior diagnostic capabilities that will enable us to provide you with greater customer support and remote diagnosis.
Wintech’s latest version of our proprietary Profiler software incorporates data logging that can provide your Production Managers with a greater ability to review the machine’s performance. 
Our installation technician will provide Operator Training to ensure your team is able to make the most effective use of your investment.

Send us a brief email with the machine Serial Number and the contact details of the best person to contact.

 Download and read the testimonial of one of the many customers who have upgraded their control cabinet.


Read about how a 35-year-old Wintech machine helped the owner increase capacity after receiving a new control cabinet and machine refurbishment.

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