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Industrial CNC Machines by Wintech Get a Thumbs Up!

Pictured below is a sample of recent installations of Wintech’s famous Dual Oscillating Blade Industrial CNC machines alongside their satisfied operators. These machines are efficient and offer a trouble-free installation. The quality of our industrial CNC machines is assured by the professional training and wealth of experience of our engineering team which means Wintech’s quality reputation is well deserved. Our CNC machines are used by a variety of industries with our Dual Axis Oscillating Blade machines being particularly popular in the furniture, sleep products and the packaging industries. These machines are able to cut to a large quantity of flexible foam while not sacrificing accuracy or cleanness of the cut.

Industrial CNC Machine Installation Wintech Support

Despite the difficulties that are currently present due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. Wintech Engineering still strives to provide support and assistance to our customers during the installation process and when they require technical support.

Supporting the customers are the factory Technicians who can be available via Telephone, Skype or Zoom. Once the machine is installed they can even connect remotely to the machine’s computer to diagnose issues and train Operators.