Wintech’s CNC Fastwire Insulation Cutting Machinery

Cutting insulating material manually is a slow, costly and inaccurate process. Far worse – fingers are exposed to blades !!!

Wintech’s CNC Insulation Contour Cutters can help bring accuracy and efficiency to the cutting and fabrication of your foam insulation.  The cutting action is performed by an abrasive wire that is continuously controlled by computer numeric control (aka CNC).

Our Fastwire machines use an Inverter to double the speed of the Drive Motor. Thus the abrasive wire is travelling at 180mph or 300kph.  This high speed cutting wire is capable of slicing through a variety of materials used in thermal insulation. Typically cutting pipe shells and vessel cladding in materials such as: Rigid PU, PIR, EPS, Phenolic, Foamglass, Calcium Silicate, Rockwood and Aerogel.

The Advantages of Wintech Fastwire CNC Insulation Cutting machines.


  1. Easy set-up and programing.
  2. Nesting software.
  3. Pre-programmed for Pipe Shells.
  4. Pre-programmed for Pipe Elbows.
  5. Good dust control.
  6. Multi-functionality – can be used for a variety of different contouring tasks.
  7. Optional powered Turntable.
  8. Optional Hotwire attachment.
  9. Fully welded steel fabrication.

You can learn more at  our Fastwire Insulation Cutting machine information page if your interest has been piqued.  

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