Wintech Engineering CNC Contouring Machines Helping to Make America Great Again

The now is the time to begin revitalizing your business with Wintech Engineering’s high quality CNC Contour Cutting Machines. We have a great history of Wintech CNC Foam Contouring Machines being used by Foam Convertors across USA. Some of these machines are 30 years old and still going strong. For older machines exposed to component obsolescence, Wintech is building replacement control cabinets.

Technical Manager Hayden with Roland, Paul and Don at a Wintech training school December 2019
Pictured is our Technical Manager Hayden with US Technicians; Roland, Paul and Don at a training school December 2019.
Jon Fullbright american wintech technician
Absent from that Training School last December was Jon, who has recently joined the Team.

Now Wintech has a Team of Service Technicians located in Michigan, Las Vegas and Houston.
Supporting them are the factory Technicians who can be available via Telephone, Skype or Zoom. They can even connect remotely to the machine’s computer to diagnose issues and train Operators.

Wintech has recently installed three new Oscillating Blade machines in Minneapolis, Dallas and Lake Elsinore CA, and a combination Fastwire/Compuset machine in California.

A New Wintech Showroom is in the process of being set up in Houston Texas. Details of the exact location of the showroom and its opening times will be available once the setup has been finalised. This new showroom will offer an opportunity for clients in the US to see firsthand a Wintech Fastwire CNC  in operation.

To our loyal Wintech Owners – you can now deal direct with the Factory for spare parts and consumables.

For Spare Parts please contact the wonderful Karen at

For any technical questions or enquiries please contact our Wintech Wizards: Hayden, Brad or Alex at .